School Supplies

Pre-K Wish List:

Paper towels

Baby wipes

Clorox wipes

Gallon zip lock - boys

Sandwich zip lock - girls


Lysol spray



2 composition books (wide-ruled)


2 boxes of 16 Crayons

2 packs of glue sticks



Oversized old t-shirt for art (labeled)

2 boxes of Kleenex (not individual size)

Large Hand Sanitizer

Clorox Disinfectant Wipes

2 rolls of Paper Towels

Wish List:

Expo markers

Large Erasers

Large index cards

Gallon or Sandwich size Ziploc bags

For Specials - 1 box of tissue (music), painters tape and baby wipes (art), 1 box of tissue (computer)


1st Grade:

Pencil box or pencil pouch (large enough to hold pencils, crayons, scissors, glue)

1 wide ruled single subject notebook

Glue sticks (4pk)

Pre sharpened pencils

Crayons (16 or 24 pk)

Student scissors

1 pocket folder with prongs

Art t-shirt

Wish List:

Paper towels-boys


Disinfecting wipes

Ziplock bags, gallon or quart size

Computer mouse for Chromebook

Hand sanitizer

Lysol spray

Dry erase markers

Blank Index cards

For Specials Classes: Music- 1 box of tissue, Art- magic erasers and Dawn detergent, Computer- 1 box of tissue


Second Grade:

2 pack of loose leaf notebook paper

2 plastic prong pocket folders with paper (science/ss, writing)

One Box sharpened pencils with extra erasers

16 box Crayons

1 pack of glue sticks (no bottles)

Tissues (2 boxes)

Hand sanitizer

Sanitizing wipes

Disinfectant Spray

Pencil pouch

1 Box Dry erase markers

Optional Supplies:

Gallon Ziplock bags-Boys

Quart or Sandwich Ziploc Bags-Girls


For Specials - 1 box of tissue (music), ziplock bags (art), 1 box of tissue (computer)


Third Grade:

Binder (2 inch)

Individual pencil pouch with 3 rings

2 composition notebooks (no spirals)

1 pack of plastic dividers

1 box crayons

2 highlighters

3 plastic pocket folders (2 pockets, no prongs)

*2 glue sticks

*2 packs pre-sharpened pencils

*Clorox or Lysol wipes

*Expo markers

*Paper towels

*Page protectors

*Lysol spray

*2 Boxes of Kleenex

*Hand sanitizer

* Gallon or sandwich-sized ziploc bags

For Specials - 1 box of tissue (music), washable markers and children's scissors (art), 1 box of tissue (computer)

Items with * will be collected and used throughout the year as needed.


Fourth Grade:

1 regular size bookbag (2 shoulder straps preferred)

4 1-subject notebooks (for reading/English/writing/ss)

1 3-subject notebook (for math and science)

1 laminated/plastic pocket folder

2 highlighters (different colors)

Dry Erase Markers (for math)

*1 packs Wide ruled loose leaf notebook paper


*Pack of 3 glue sticks

*3 boxes of tissues

*1 large bottle of hand sanitizer

*Clorox/Lysol Brand sanitizing wipes

*Sandwich or snack size Ziploc bags (Girls bring these)

*Gallon size Ziploc bags (Boys bring these)

*Paper Towels

*Items with * will be collected and used throughout the year as needed.

Pencil pouch is optional. Please no binders.

For Specials - 1 box of tissue (music), Sharpies and liquid glue (art), 1 box of tissue (computer)


Fifth Grade:

Individual pencil pouch or pencil box

2-3 packs of loose-leaf notebook paper

1 - 12 count pack of pencils

1 pack of cap erasers

1-4 count pack of glue sticks

1 pack of highlighters

1 composition notebook (for science)

3 boxes of tissue

1 large bottle of hand sanitizer

1 Clorox/Lysol brand sanitizing wipes

1 roll of paper towels

Wish List:

extra notebook paper

Ziploc bags: gallon, quart, or snack

Expo chisel tip dry erase markers

For Specials - 1 box of tissue (music), Ticonderoga Pencils and glue sticks (art), 1 box of tissue (computer)


  • Ziplock bags (Boys - 1 box of sandwich sized; Girls - 1 box of snack sized)

  • Paper towel (1 roll)

  • Kleenex (1 box)

  • Disinfecting sanitizing wipes

  • One pack of markers and/or colored pencils (not mandatory)

  • for students who prefer to have their own (these may be the same as required in their homeroom class)

***Recyclables the we use often in the classroom and can be sent in throughout the school year***

  • Eggs cartons

  • Paper towel tube

  • Tissue paper tube